Friday, July 6, 2012

Fight the Fuzz, Pt. 4

It seems in some ways we thought we had reached the end. How could we have thought that? We were ready to give ourselves over to process, a process of unconscious economy, a self-organising system, to Mammon itself. This would be free from government intervention, which here I would define as conscious, as it is defined by critical action. (Not the only intervention, but certainly the most explicit one.) To say that it is self-organising is madness though. It is a process we barely understand, and perhaps never will, given our proximity to it all. 

People in some quarters were ready to surrender to this unconscious completely, to fall into that deep sleep in which nothing can even stir. We were courting the end, our own demise even, just as one of our prophets came out and declared the “end of history” like something straight out of Revelations. 

But it didn’t end. It won’t end. We all need to be a bit more Modern. We must fight the fuzziness, not because we will win in ordering up the universe, subjugating it and dividing up the spoils, but only because the fuzziness is goading us to fight, itching for one. And it’s been trying the get our attention for a while. We must have all been too sleepy to notice.

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