Sunday, November 18, 2012

I F@£&ing Love Breaking Bad, As Do Others ...

For all you “bitches” who don’t know, Breaking Bad is the shit. And it really shouldn’t be. Take the central premise: a high school chemistry teacher finds out he has cancer, decides to cook crystal meth to pay for the treatment and look after his family after he is gone, and gets further embroiled (or embroils himself ...) in the shady parallel universe of drugs, cartels, hit-men, dodgy lawyers and fried chicken restaurant owners.

It sounds like Weeds. Sounds like a comedy, dark maybe, but a comedy nonetheless. Sounds too outlandish to be an outstanding character study into one ordinary man’s ascent or descent deep into the criminal underworld, with tightly woven plots that confound at every turn.

But that’s exactly what it is. Vince Gilligan, the shows creator, has just proved the old saying true - that there are no bad ideas, just bad execution.

Is it the cinematography and visual sumptuousness that lures us in? Is it the vivid yellow of Walt’s and Jesse’s jumpsuits they wear while cooking their, ahem, product? Or is it the fact that it genuinely confounds expectation? Walt has been shown to be incredibly smart and astute, regularly voicing the apparent trajectory of events within the world of the show that we, as the audience, have guessed at or half guessed at. Only it never works out that way. Things happen; shit happens, leaving our anti-heroes running around in a frantic frenzy, trying to find a solution to the hopeless situations they find themselves in.

It could be Bryan Cranston, who plays the lead character Walter White. The man can say more in a facial expression than any long ream of exposition could ever do. It could be the fact that, besides all the chaos of these characters’ lives, there are many quiet moments and quite a bit of humour; though not in a slap-stick sort of way. More so the kind of humour we all find in our own, everyday lives.

What ever it is, one thing’s for sure: I fucking love Breaking Bad. And it seems like a lot of people feel the same way. An image search on google brings up a huge depository of fan art, a testament to how truly awesome the show actually is.

But who am I to shite on like this? I’ll let the art speak for itself ...

And finally, the one(s) who knock(s) ...

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