Friday, December 21, 2012

26 Movie Posters

Movie posters can be shallow, monotonous things. Imagine somewhere in a small, shoddy room some artist sketches and paints. He is on the orders from some far flung executive who dreams of that secret equation that he could apply to a film that will get people of every age bracket, denomination, sex, race, etc. in the cinema watching their film.

A man smiles with dollars for eyes, and a cash register goes "cha-ching!"

But movie posters can be so much more than that. It's not as though mainstream, hollywood movie posters are always bad, always little more than cynical ploys. But it can be said that, beyond the massive machine that is the hollywood beast, people are more inclined to explore their own interpretation of a film, the emotional impact it had on them.

This can be seen in the ultimate fan-appreciation art form - the movie poster. Here is a list of 26 that I compiled from the web. I crudely searched google for "cool movie posters", as well as searching for particular films. So here it is, a haphazard, subjective tasting menu of the secret world of the movie poster.

What's significance of the number 26? Well, now, that'd be telling ...

Though most are not the original, some are, such as Vertigo. I shall now step aside, and let the film posters speak for themselves. Or if not for themselves, then certainly for their subject matter.

I would also thoroughly recommend any of the films on this list - even though I haven't seen one or two of them! - but that's just me ...

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